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ADHD and Fish Oil

Comment from parent re: treating ADHD w/fishoil:

I think natural remedies for ADD/ADHD are the best, but the problem is if you have a child who is truly ADD (like my daughter), you can’t take them off the meds while they are taking fish oil [a natural treatment for ADD/ADHD] because they’ll flunk out of school during the “trial” year.

I’m really in a dilemma with her, because she turns 18 this week and our insurance won’t pay for ADD meds for “adults.” She has 18 months of high school left, and then wants to attend college.

She has “outgrown” the hyperactivity over the years, but her ability to concentrate, especially if there is auditory/visual distraction, is very minimal. Coping strategies help some, but I have struggled with ADD myself for my entire life and know how exhausting it is. I also know the price you pay socially, personally and professionally when your strategies fail, and would like to spare her some of that pain. Unfortunately, I don’t see how that’s possible.



Here's the deal with all the ADD people I have ever known:

They cannot concentrate well on subject matter that is of little interest to them; however, they are mac daddy focused on stimuli that is of interest to them.

Case in point: I loved psychology in college. Everyone else had their little tape recorders and note pads and spent the whole lecture time writing. I just listened -- no notes, no tape recording.
The professor even cornered me one day and asked how it is that I am getting a damn-near perfect "A" in the class without notes and recordings. I just told him that I enjoyed the material.

Now you're really going to hear my bias. I truly believe that quote ADD unquote is nothing more than an extreme case of selective attention - think about it.

I'm sure daughter has some things in life that she catches onto very quickly and effortlessly, and I bet these are the things she truly enjoys.

In any event, you're right. In those worst-case scenarios where the child simply cannot function -- in the social sense -- without standard meds, she should be on them.

I believe that "academic problems" have more to do with social insecurity and a low-confidence level than a bio-chemical imbalance in the brain (kind of a low grade generalized anxiety).


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