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My child will be 18 in March and he is so out of control, drugs, cutting, school, disrespect, running away for months at a time -- you name it. Is there really something I can do for him before the "golden birthday"? My husband and I are at wits end. Out of sheer desperation we want to tell him on his 18 birthday “good riddens,” yet I know he'll never survive, and I don't want my child being another statistic. My son will NOT attend counseling and runs away if I suggest it. Someone please HELP!


It sounds like you will be reluctant to kick him out at age 18. Which means you'll still have to live with him and his behavior. Thus, please join Online Parent Support. Here you'll get the information, the consultation, and the support you obviously will be needing over the next several weeks, months -- and even years.

CLICK HERE to join. The sooner, the better.

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