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How does this site work...

Thank you for your response to ODD/ADD! My daughter has just about every issue listed. She is tearing our family apart and causing loved ones to stay away. She was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 and then just ADD about a year ago at 13. Taking Stratera and I see no difference at all. I have no control and counseling seems to hold no hope.

My daughter makes us feel as though we "owe" her. If one thing does not fit her we all have to pay prices. Her stepfather does not even want to be at home when she is. I wake up in the morning worried what will happen today and always fear pulling in the driveway after work. How does this site work and will it help me with my struggle to gain a "normal" life? Thanks


Online Parent Support (OPS) has numerous resources. It is the #1 website for parent support on the internet. Members of OPS attend - online - a course that teachers them how to deal with their strong-willed, out of control teens and pre-teens. Plus they have access to ongoing parent coaching from the OPS staff.


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