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I am the parent of two children...

Hello all.

I am the parent of two children. Both my children were troubled and life was challenging, to say the least, for several decades. I have a website devoted to parenting of troubled teens. See and have an eBook available that addresses the subject of surviving the experience of parenting troubled teenagers.

Check it out! I'd be happy to pass along wisdom I've gained in the 20+ years of parenting troubled children. You can email me at:

Best of luck to all of you!

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Natalie said...

Hi John,

I really like the information you have on your blog about thinking errors. I know that a lot of these ring true for our teen.

We are currently growing emotionally while we work with a teen in residential treatment, which is where we have really come to understand things like thinking errors and becoming better parents.

It may be helpful to other parents out there to list some resources they can turn to if they find themselves in a situation like ours. I know that and offer good independent information. We also liked the detailed information provided about each of the troubled teen programs that we found there.

Maybe these sites will help the parents you are trying to help as well.