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ok... I have tried everything else I can think of...

ok... I have tried everything else I can think of.
I came across this website and decided to try this OPS.
What I really need is to hear from some parents who
thinks this works.

A little background about me and my son:

I am a single mom. I adopted my son when he was two year old. I found out when he was about 8 that he was victim of fetal alcohol syndrone. His behavior started to change about that time also. He ran away for the first time when he was 10, then again when he was 12. He is now 14 and completely out of control. He is a chronic liar and willie to the bitter end when confronted. He has stolen money from my purse on several occasions, he is completely disrespectful, He will not obey rules, thinks he can do whatever he wants and when he wants to. If he is grounded, he leaves the house anyway and does what ever he wants to do. I don't even know what age he started having sex at. I recently found a letter written to him by an 18 year old girl that detailed in a very explicit manner a sexual encounter she had with him at school in the bathroom. He does not think I have the right to discipline him and does not listen to anything I try to tell him. I found a pornographic dvd in the dvd player in the family room. I found cd's in his room that had filthy demeaning lyrics. The last straw brought me almost to the breaking point. I confronted him about the cd's and exploded into a yelling match with him. I had a roll of Christmas wrapping paper in my hand and I hit him with it several times. He yelled and me "hold UP' and shoved me into the wall. I think i was in a state of shock and I stopped struggling with him. I was on the brink of picking up something to hurt him. He ran from the house cursing me. He sneaked back into the house sometime in the middle of the night and had the nerve to ask me to take him to a football game the next day. There is a dead bolt lock on my bedroom door because I do not trust him. This is my last resort to charging him with incorrigibility.


It sounds like your son has no respect for you. The ebook touches on this a lot. There's a chapter "Anger Management" that addresses this. You may want to check that out. -- C.C.


I would agree. He has no respect for her. I went through this with my daughter. I discovered that being nice doesn't work. It's all about tuff luv. -- A.M.

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