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Anyone out there know what I am going through...?

I just came across this website and have joined up. I have an out of control teenage daughter. Wasn't always out of control, but now she is. I am frustrated to death, doesn't seem to be any support out there for parents, now when it comes to the law. She just turned 17, started going out with a guy about a month ago, first boyfriend. Anyhow, she stayed out all night last week, didn't call, didn't answer her cell phone. I was worried to death -- my husband was too.

Comes home the next morning and wants to know what our problem is for being mad with her. No "I’m sorry", a lame story that we know was a lie. Plus, she wasn't supposed to be out because of exams. Gets worse.

Decides she is 17, and to hell with us, she will go live with her boyfriend. (Going out 1 month). His parents let her move in! She doesn't want to come home, and the law states there is nothing I can do. That was 4 days ago.

Now I learn, that her 20 almost 21 yr old boyfriend, is on a methadone problem and had a restraining order against him for stalking a girl in the past. How do I deal with this?

My other two daughters are sweet and respectful - we have a good family life, nothing going on that would explain this type of behaviour. Anyone out there know what I am going through, because I don't know how much I can take and how do I stand by and watch my kid throw her life away?

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