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I need an exorcised.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply. I find your overview quite interesting. I have a 15- year-old teenage daughter who has broken my spirit. I have an x-husband working against me through her. She is extremely verbally abusive to me (as my x-husband was) and puts me down constantly, and I do all I can for her. I'm just heartbroken, and ready to enforce her living with her dad. Problem is, she will get worse with him. She blackmails me for him, attempting me to write-off past child support. He makes her all these promises he never keeps. He refuses to even have visitation with her because he is court-ordered to pay child support. He has been charged twice with failure to pay and once with contempt. So, in summary, she has learned through my x-husband to manipulate me, and she gets her way if not through me, then him. I don't believe you are a miracle worker. I need an exorcised.


Ms. W.

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