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My son assaulted both my husband and I...

It has gotten so bad we have had the police at our home, my son has assaulted both my husband and I only because we asked him to do something he refused to do – when directed to his bedroom, he started shoving and tried to pin me to the ground. He says he hates our home, he calls us all sorts of names. We have two other younger boys who are suffering from this.

My oldest is seeing a counselor but not fast enough – he is on Adderall – but I can’t see any results (after changing several meds), he now refuses to do anything – tells us he refuses to do anything, we are on pins and needles because we aren’t sure how to tip toe around his behavior each and every night. He even yells out anything he feels and tells us he is doing this behavior because he knows we don’t like it. I am wondering if he needs psychological testing. Is your material for this type of behavior? Or does he need more help than counseling and some meds?


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