She is highly stressed by this situation...


I found your course on the internet whilst researching teen pregnancy. My 19-year-old niece has been behaving very much the way you describe, ie. as an out-of-control-teen. Her relationship with her mother (my sister) is almost totally broken. My niece (Emily) is not living at home any more; she has moved in with a boyfriend and is now pregnant. She will keep the baby.

Emily has so much anger towards her mother, yet I feel she really needs her right now and beyond. This situation is not really a match for what your book and course are designed to address but I wondered if you think there could be something of value for my sister? She is highly stressed by this situation and is just being used by my niece as a "punching bag" - when they are in contact that is. Given that Emily is not living at home anymore it may be that your course is not really relevant. Please let me know what you think.

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