How can I get him to change?

Hi Mark,

Having read your book and put some of your techniques to work I must say that I am able to achieve results. My son is settling down, but what I have realized is that when he is spoken to in a calm manner, he listens and responds well on the home front. It is getting better.

One concern here is that he locks himself in his room and I don’t know what he does – should I give him some privacy here?

My other concern is at school – initially there was a complaint that he is disruptive and takes forever settling down. I have been chatting a teacher on a weekly basis. I am afraid that he is not taking school seriously and will fail again. I ask him about school everyday and he tells me 'it's good'.

He is paying attention and is understanding, but when he gets home he does not even try to do some additional work. How can I get him to change?

Thanks for all your help and your e-mails have been very informative.

Kind Regards,


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