I hate confrontation...

I have just read some of your website on OPS and was hoping that this might help. I have a 13 year old girl who is driving me mad, so much so that I just want to pack her case and get her out the door. I am a single parent although she sees her father regularly.

She hates everybody and everything right now apart from her friends and boys, she does nothing around the house, won’t come in when I tell her the nights I let her out, if she’s late and I chase her on her mobile she won’t answer, I can’t even speak to her just now she makes me so angry, now I know that that’s not the way to do things but if I speak to her I can’t keep the tone out of my voice, so I say nothing.

I hate confrontation myself and know that I need to be setting the rules and sticking to them but I desperately need help. Is there more on the website that I can read that explains a bit more about what I need to be doing before I sign up?

I look forward to your response. Thanks,


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