My Son Ben

My 15-year-old son Ben has always been a challenging child. He was diagnosed with mild autism pre-school. He has always had bad tempers, but we have always managed with a consistent approach before. In the last few years since being in secondary school his attitude and behaviour has declined. Now I feel like I'm sinking fast.

He is not working at school. I have many calls from teachers about his attitude, behaviour and lack of production. He is rude, belligerent, aggressive, demanding, lazy. I could go on. He tells us he hates us and has never liked us. He is only pleasant when he is getting something he wants.

I am very firm with him but his Dad struggles with this tough approach and I know Ben senses the lack of unity and uses it against us. I worry he will blow his chances with his exams next year and then be even more resentful than before which may take him even more off the rails. Because of his autism he has never responded to incentives, nothing matters to him that much.

It has just got so hard and I can see that it could get even worse if I don't get him back on track soon.

Sorry to go on,


Got Help?!

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mcewen said...

I didn't think I'd survive my elder daughter's teenage years and she was typically developing. Goodness knows what I'll do with this lot when they get there. Perhaps you could give us some 'handy tips' for the future.
Best wishes