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Painted into a corner

We have a 16 year old foster child that we have had since 10-13-06. She will be in permanent placement with us, (we aren't foster parents, we are non-relative guardians).

Anyway, she got into a bit of trouble for lying as well as using the phone without permission, as well as making an inappropriate phone call. For these things my husband and I grounded her for 2 weeks. This is our problem, we have never grounded her for that length of time before, and now she has done something that are much worse and could potentially put her, or all, 3 of us in danger.

I don't know how to punish her (give consequences) above and beyond grounding. She can't be grounded forever as she will then get discouraged and wonder "what's the point of being good since I'm grounded for so long anyway?" We have already had very long talks with her about what she did and why it was so dangerous and inappropriate...I even sat her down to watch Dateline NBC's “To Catch A Predator” series last night ...she was shocked. She knows that consequences are coming still, but that we just having decided what they are yet. I know that it's bad not to already know, but I guess we weren't prepared for this one. We feel we trusted her too much even thought we only let her use the computer for two school papers she had to do. Please help ...I need a heavier consequence than grounding!


Painted into a corner

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