Well, this is our story...


I really can't believe there is a website that I can go to get help with dealing with our difficult daughter -- how do you find the time to be so available to so many families?

Well, this is our story: We have five children, the oldest 18 yr. son, 14 yr. daughter (the difficult one), 12 yr. son, 10 yr. twins (boy & girl). We have schooled our children between a small private Christian school and a very nice small public school. We have had very few issues with our oldest. He did go through some rough times emotionally last year; he tends to be a little introverted. He has really blossomed this year and will graduate in June.

Our 14 year old has always been a very strong willed person but has done fine up until this last year. We took her out of public school at the end of sixth grade and put her in private because we were afraid of all the peer pressure and other issues that go on in the middle school. This year we decided to put her in at the 8th grade because the private school only goes to the 8th. We have found this to not be going so well. She has always done well in school but is in danger of failing the year, she is continually having issues with her teachers, bad attitude, not turning in homework, she has always had a great group of friends but this year is tending to want to be with wilder crowd.

I have had parents call me with concerns about her behavior. We keep a fairly tight rope as far as knowing where she is and what's she doing but she seems to be in a full state of rebellion about everything. She always wants to push the boundaries. We have had a few issues with alcohol come up, but it was caught in time.

I find notes from kids at school making references to drugs & alcohol and she just seems to really want to focus in on these things. I all most feel that it was a mistake to keep her out from the 7th grade. If we would of kept her there we would not be facing these issues because she would of adjusted better. Our other three children are all doing well. Oh did I mention that she is a red head, is there really a connection between hair color and temperament?



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