You don’t want to make him a felon....

HELP!! I have a son who will be 16 in a couple of weeks. He is ADHD and on meds. He has no respect, consideration for anyone but himself, and I am not sure towards him at times.

He is violent, destroys, and his language is past being gross. He does nothing that is asked of him, regardless of how it’s asked. He is making our home life miserable to say the least. We have been to so many doctors. I have lost count. He has taken my car without permission and without a permit or licenses. I called the police, but nothing was done. I was told that, “you don’t want to make him a felon.” Excuse me; I wasn’t the one that took the car!

I honestly hate to admit this, but am afraid of my son. Please let me know if you think your program can help my family.



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