Sent To Alternative School

I have need for advice from anybody who might have experienced something similar. My son, a 10th grader, has some level of Opposition Defiance Disorder. He has not had any major problems but he has just been sent to Alternative School for violating the dress code (wearing pants too low where the underwear shows). He did this four times in the fall and we were successfully able to get him to adhere to the code better until the last two weeks where he broke the code two more times and the AP decided he deserved to go to Alternative School. He has been respectful in all other ways and his grades are good in all Advanced Placement Courses. What I'm really afraid of is that if he has one or two more minor violations of the dress code he will be sent for 30 days, which will seriously damage his academic performance (there is very minimal learning going on at Alterative School). He is the only kid who has ever been sent for this. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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