Conduct Disorder (CD)

Is there hope for cd children? I am so worried about my son and what’s going to happen to him now the more I find out. We have been to our family doctor and he is sending my son on to a child psychiatrist for further testing and help. He did some testing with questionnaires for myself and the school to fill out and he thinks my son sounds like he is possibly add, odd, and cd as well as possibly bi-polar and he said he needs to see a specialist. The more I hear the more afraid I become for my poor little boy.

I don’t think that he knows what’s going on or what to think! So I went online to look up more on this cd as I had not heard of it and came across your site. I really figured my son was odd and add but had not heard of cd. Apparently cd is the hardest of all disorders to control these kids are very intense....anyway I just hope we can get in to see the doctor asap and get something happening .Is there a medication that helps these children or what? Your online course?! …to learn coping skills and ways to parent cd children looks very good and I will sign up for it very soon and work thru it this point Im willing to try anything!! Look for ward to hearing from you thanks.

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