Cutting in Teens

Our 16yr old son has cut/burned initials/things in his body. Claims "it's only art" How can we stop him from doing that?

Cutting in Teens


Response to 'Cutting in Teens' article:

May I acknowledge your letter on teens who inflict
injuries on themselves, in an attempt to reduce
emotional stress, and equally thank you immensely, for
asking me to share with you on this issue.

The problem of teens is a worldwide phenomenon, and I
am happy that you are concerned about it. I am
bordered, too. Your letter to me has made me to
realize that this problem is not only African.

We are aware that a number of factors are responsible
for this sorry development; some of which are
societal, parental, psychological /emotional,
environmental, etc. some of these factors seem to make
the kids uncontrollable.

Nevertheless, I am delighted that by the special
grace of God, you have such a concerned commission
that is poised to assist people cope with such
problems. God knows your ability, capability and

Consequently, I earnestly and fervently request you
to cause your commission to make a big in-road into
Africa where this problem is very prevalent. This will
greatly assist us.

Our organization has commenced creating awareness in
this regard among our communities. We are optimistic
that this endeavor will in the nearest future yield
the needed dividends. When this is achieved, the
problem of teens causing injuries on themselves would
be history.

Our organization is ready to partner with your
organization to achieve this laudable goal.
God bless you.

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