Daughter with ADHD & ODD

To whom it may concern, I have a daughter who has ADHD and Oppositional Defiant disorder. I don' feel that i'am helping her but i've stuck it out this far. She is 7 year's of age and is on prescription med. from her pediatrician. After she takes them she is calm except for the mouthing off, being rude to me (her mom) very disrespectful to me she will swing at me to see if i flinch (something she just started) and laughs.

When reprimanded for it she tells me i'm telling gram and i tell her go ahead. My daughter thinks if she tells gram that i'll get in trouble with my mom. My daughter plays my mom and i against one another and as of recently my mom has realized what my daughter does.

My mom thought that i was being mean because i wouldn't let my daughter go to dance practice or that i'd give her a writing assignment and tells me i'm to hard on her.

Is there hope for my daughter? And I to have a friendship ...we aren't suppose to enemies and I really feel like my daughter and i have a love hate relationship.


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Mariah said...

My daughter has the very same thing...she is 20 years old now and expecting her first child. She still has trouble with ALL relationships and is very disrespectful and doesn't care about other's feelings. I worry about her unborn child's (my granddaughter) future. We adopted our daughter at 10 years of age and went through hell raising her from then on out. I feel for you, as I have been through it too!! You can e-mail me if you'd like to have someone to talk to...zoomzoom2mariah@msn.coom