Failure To Launch

I have a 22 year old daughter living at home with my husband and I. We both work fulltime jobs and are paying off a mortgage. Our daughter left home early at the age of 16. She was determined to leave against our better judgment. She was away for a year in which that time she got involved with drugs and was also raped. She lived with older men who had serious mental problems. She was not chastised for any lack of home duties whilst in their homes. She is a very untidy person both personal hygiene and lack of respect for others property. We are continually at loggerheads about maintaining her bedroom etc. We have cut her plenty of slack to no avail. This is putting huge stress on both myself and my husband's relationship. She earns more money then we do and yet she contributes absolutely nothing to the household costs. She does no chores around the house. We would be happy to have her around if she would just share some responsibilities and help out just once in awhile.

Thanks for the opportunity to request some advice.

My Out-Of-Control Adult Child

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