Focus On The Family


D. here, the lady from Michigan that builds Target Stores and has a REALLY, call CPS at every turn, OUT -of-this WORLD teen! lol... Remember me?!

I was just thinking, have you ever thought of sending your site or maybe writing an article for Focus On The Family? Their site is:

It is a site by James Dobson. He has written several well-known books like:

"Parenting Isn't for Cowards"
"The New Strong-Willed Child"
"The Angry Child"
"Tough Love"
"Dare to Discipline"

It is a Christian site and I do not know your views on this aspect but I do SUSPECT that you are as well. I have told so many parents about your site! I just wish you could get the word out about your methods everywhere. Don't know why but a lil voice kept saying, "stop and write him" So I finally am! lol

Here... Please.... I just wish you would tell me what they serve for dinner in prison... You know 3 meals, sleep, rest, no voice screaming at me.... sounds kinda nice. lol Just teasing! L. is still L. and even says, she likes it, EVEN with the consequences. Go figure. I am hanging on.

Take Care,


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