He doesn’t want to enter into a suffering hand...

Dear Sir,

I know you through LOVE IN ACTION COMMUNITY INITIATIVE who created the awareness to me about the ONLINE PARENT SUPPORT PROGRAMME.

I married a woman with two kids boys, In their fourth and second year of age their mom took them and ran away to her home state (Rivers State) in 1988, while she was with me, what I was earning from my daily living was not enough to sustain all of us she remarked. A day came she took the kids away uninformed, on my quest to know their where about, I discovered that she dropped the kids to their grand mom, who had no son.

On my demand for the kids, this grand mom made some specific demands which l could not meet. Their grand mom later promised to release them.

In a period of time, the elder kid started visiting home, the younger refused to follow suit, on my finding reasons why he was not coming as well. The elder kid said that, he said he doesn’t want to enter into a suffering hand.

To the best of knowledge, I have been helping the kids in order to give them a sense of belonging that they are my kids..

The elder one who was coming occasionally is no longer coming again. I am worried. What shall I do to regain my kids on any side?



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