He is always upset or bitter...

Hi Mr Hutten,

Thank you for the information, it has been very informative. I am still trying to read and make a plan of action.

Kevin is my son he turned 17 yesterday. We are a family of four …Kyle is 19. When Kevin turned 4 we moved from Texas to Costa Rica for ten years, I am from there, John is from Tx. They did great, learned the language and adapted to the culture great.

We moved back to USA in 2004. He started in 7th grade in Middle school, had no problems liked the school. He went on to High School and is to big for him he doesn't like it, he does good in school, has good grades and is actually Bored even with the AP classes. He doesn't have any friends that he can socialize on the weekend. He also works about 3 or 4 days per week. I recently put him in karate to see if he could make friends, he likes the class. You are probably thinking what is wrong? After the move he started gaining weight, now up to 40 lbs. He is always upset or bitter, response in a bad way, my older son tells me he is not a friendly person, how can he have friends, he is not a friendly person. He plays computer most of the time, he is addicted to WOW game.

I am very concern he seems very unhappy and sometimes I can reach him. I was thinking of taking him to a psychologist for help.


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