He is currently in treatment at a RTF in Montana...

My son Joshua recently turned 17. He is currently in treatment at a RTF in Montana, placed by our school district and San Diego County Mental Health. He has been diagnosed with CD and has PTSD due to the death of his older brother 5 years ago. He has exhibited almost all of the criteria that you have described. To further complicate things he does have substance abuse issues. He's been in residential treatment for over 1 year and has made progress in some areas, but still exhibits many of the behaviors indicated, although it's not as bad as it used to be prior to treatment. There is a possibility that he will be returned home in June 2007. We definitely have communication issues and I'd like to know if you think your program would be of help in any way. I miss my son and would like him to come home, but I have a lot of anxiety as you can well imagine. Further, he thinks that since he is
17 and almost 18 that he should be allowed the same treatment and privileges as an adult. I can see the conflict already. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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