He's 14 and has been bullied for some time before humiliating incident set up by so-called friends and he's refused to go back. Now out of school for nearly 8 weeks - seeing psychiatric nurses, but they say not psychotic, but EBD. Very low self-esteem, scared to leave bedroom/house, initially threatening to kill himself but (now - since a month or so in) very very angry and abusive with me, though can be fine with other people. I am widowed mum - 2 other much older sons, both away at Universities. I have very demanding, long hours job - part of problem. Don't see how to break cycle - and am fairly sure now that son is manipulating situation so can stay in room and do nothing except watch TV/use laptop indefinitely. Eats/operates at times to suit self - bedroom squalid - quote "doesn't care" - hates me, wants me to kill myself, can't trust me ...though this only because recently I've had to tell people - friends/family that he's been bullied and is out of school. Am so fed up with him /exhausted, would leave home myself if I could.


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