Here's to more manageable manipulation...

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your website and knowledge on this matter. Our daughter is 5 but rules the roost in this house a lot of the time. She is ludicrously bright and yet doesn't seem to understand reason. Is this a common symptom? To read the symptoms of ODD was enlightening. We don't tend to talk about things in England so much and it’s not something that I had ever heard about.

I am looking forward to reading the ebook and letting you know the results. She may not have odd but I can only think these methods may help.

Here's to more manageable manipulation - "stop shouting at me mummy, your hurting my feelings" after I have asked 20 times for something and wild tantrums about the simplest things, and sulking, and me and my partner arguing and a treat box the size of a bin bag as bribes to get dressed, get in the car....stop crying etc, and the feeling of walking on egg shells allllllllllllllllllllllll the time.

I will let you know,


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