His Grandfather was the typical “Archie Bunker” ...

Thank you Mr. Hutten.

Our daughter is not necessarily out of control – it’s a definite head-butting issue with Dad. She doesn’t get into trouble, she’s picked pretty decent friends and she’s keeping her grades up – part of her problem is that she’s got a high IQ and has wonderful adolescent opinions - LOL.

I will work with dear hubby to download your book for us to read. What I am trying to do is educate him that there’s a better and more productive way than the one he is currently holding fast to. His Grandfather was the typical “Archie Bunker” and his father was only a little lighter. I know it’s definitely an “inherited” technique. Coupled with the fact that we adopted her only 3 years ago at age 11 and he’s not used to girls doesn’t help much.

Our bio son “grew up” knowing to just obey and not question. Our daughter has had little in the male father role prior to my husband and honestly I think she’s doing great all considered. Thank you for your time and expect to see one if not both of us online soon.

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