I am becoming very depressed...

Up to about 12 months ago, I had a normal teenage 16-year-old son who got up to the obvious sort of mischief. Unfortunately, I changed schools for him because he didn't want to attend his last school any longer. Since then, he has changed dramatically.

He is very, very angry and has formed a new set of 'friends'. He comes and goes when he pleases, has stopped going to school. When things are not going his own way, he thrashes the house and calls names to me and to anyone else he can. He wants to become a mechanic and has an interview tomorrow; however, he was supposed to go working with his father this morning and we had another row because he wouldn't get out of bed to go.

I told him to get out of my house because he wasn't staying in bed all day. I really feel like I am at the end with him. I am becoming very depressed and cry all the time because of him. Has anyone any advice for me. I am desperate.


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