I do not know how to help her...

The youngest daughter 11, can not focus longer than 10 seconds on any schoolwork, is not interested in any school work, does not listen to instructions at all, giving myself and my eldest daughter lip all the time. Refuses to do any chores at home, just wants everything her own way, over the week-end was caught smoking with a friend, no responsibility for anything. I do not know how to help her. Since they've been in the children’s home, she has totally changed. I have explained numerous times why things had to happen the way it was, and she keeps on telling me that she understands, why they ended up in the home, but I suspect some anger inside of her, and that is maybe the reason why she behaves the way she does. Maybe not directly anger towards myself, but the entire situation in which they were placed for two and a half years. I need her and my other daughter and myself to work as a unity in order to succeed, and be a happy family.


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