I'm at a loss on what to do now...

Things have been fab apart from a few problems my Daughter (ADHD) has probably behaved better than most teens. However she started seeing a young boy 5 weeks ago and she's steadily trying to take control of the house again. Our parenting doesn't appear to have changed but she's managed to get into trouble with a friend where i had the parents shouting at me on the doorstep. She’s been Lying and saying she's missed the bus home so we have to go out and collect her even though we knew she hadn't even been at the bus stop. She's on a token system where she get £1 every day she sticks to simple rules and she’s not managed to earn any in 10 days. She’s been in trouble at school and refuses to be ready on time in the mornings for her Taxi. I've been verbally abused all this week trying to get her ready. The boyfriend is a really nice boy and i'm sure he's not influencing her in anyway. I've tried talking to her and using loss of privileges etc, but she screams at me and says she doesn't care. I'm at a loss what to do now as things just seem to be deteriorating …last time she ran away from home within 2 weeks and we ended up in front of social workers because she refused to comply and wanted to go into care.


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