My 10 yr old is like the poster child for Online Parent Support (OPS)...

My 10 yr old is like the poster child for OPS! He is a gifted student, has a wonderful sense of humor, but he has always been a stubborn child. Lately though things have gotten intolerable. He refused to respect his daycare lady who has watched him since he was a baby. Since he would no longer listen to her when she tried to discipline him, I have had to find another daycare provider. My son takes no responsibility for the actions that got us to this point. Last weekend he became furious with my mother when she tried to discipline him. Again he admitted to no wrongdoing and refused to apologize or even tell her goodbye as we left. Later I wanted him to apologize by phone but he refused. My question is, how should I have handled this latest outburst? Can't get him a new Grandmother. I have tried reasoning with him and have taken just about every privilege away, but it doesn't change his behavior in the heat of the moment.

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