It's too late. My husband left today with his out of control 8 year old daughter. He chose her over me and our two boys (5 and 2 years). No one would/could help us because he always thought I was the problem instead of his daughter. I cleaned up her urine and feces for five years only to be left anyway. Why was I cleaning that? Because when she didn't get her way, she'd decorate my home!! Not even our extended families would help. It's too late. Take my advice ...if you have a spouse that won't help or even admit that the child has a problem, RUN BEFORE YOUR LIFE IS RUINED AND YOUR HEART DESTROYED!!!


I went through the same thing husband left with the kids. I had allowed the problems to pile up ...and the problems had gone on for so many years that it was nearly impossible to control the damage.

I've discovered it's better to reach out to someone while the problems are small. If you let the problems pile up, and if you let them go on for too long, the damage is done -- and no body can do anything other than separate and start over again. And that's what I'm doing.

Put your fires out while they're small, or your house will burn to the ground.

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