She hits us, tells us to shut up and is never happy...

I have an 11 yr old that is seeing a Social worker twice a week. She was considering running in front of a car. When she told me this we went right to the ER. They suggested we start to see a Social worker so we are. The social worker thinks it could be for attention and the lack of discipline. Dad is in the Navy and if I say no, our child will run to dad, because he will say yes. Dad says yes because he can't stand to listen to her complain when she can't get her way. She also is failing school and won't do her homework with out constant help from us. She hits us, tells us to shut up and is never happy. She only sees the negative in everything. I feel so helpless. My husband feels that the Social Worker is not helping, and I am starting to think he may be right. I found your info on the web and considering it, but wanted your opinion. …do you think your program could help this matter? If you need more info please let me know. Thanks


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