She's Suicidal

My s-d from my husband’s 2nd marriage is suicidal. My husband won custody of his two children and the ex-wife’s two children from other relationships. Well when the biological mother told the children if the girls moved back with her they can have a boyfriend anytime. Well as we were making plans to move to Florida the biological mother asked if we could take the 15 year old back as she could not control her daughter anymore. We did take custody of her back and then found out the 15 year old was raped at the age of 14. This is why she had all F grades in Hawaii. Well now she tried to cut herself with a mirror and we called 911 hoping to get her into a counseling program and I don’t know what are next step should be. If she refuses to go to school what program should we take her too? Thanks for listening.

Teens & Suicide

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