Suspended For A Week

Please help. I just got off the phone with my 12 year old sons middle school principal. She said your son is going to be suspended for a week due to intimidating another child and has had three harassments filed against him this year so far. He doesn't take any responsibility for his actions. He has not been raised to disrespect adults or fellow peers, but seems out of control in this area. He doesn't get the greatest grades in school, so I think he over compensates with his looks and athletic ability and strength. He has many many friends so I don't understand why he feels as though he needs this negative attention. He doesn't come from a broken family or druggie parents …we are always here for him and very open to talking about anything. I know not all kids want to talk about everything with their parents but he knows we're always there for him. We have basically taken his life away from him and it doesn't seem to phase him. I just told the principal and my husband I'm at my wits end. Please help me find a way to help him be a respectful person. Thank you.

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