The teachers have had enough...

I have already implemented some of your ideas (thinking a lot before I react). So far this is working for me, will have to wait to see reaction from my 15 year old son. If I could pass this info on to his teachers I might have more success, but at the moment they have a cretin mind set and that is he is only a trouble maker, may have to look into a new school, which won’t be easy as he wants to stay where he is. I will have to wait and see …this is in a exam year for him.

He is a great kid at home, funny, full of life, very loving, great worker and he's got a wonderful personality. He is disorganised and airy fairy about things, doesn't seem to bothered about most things, he is a very good horseman, swimmer, target shooter, roller hockey but is not very commitment to any of them, would take it or leave it.

I have had him assessed but all I was told was he was immature and needs to work on his concentration??? He is disruptive in school, arrives late to class, gives back cheek to teachers, half does his homework, has been suspended a number of times. If it wasn't an exam year I think he would be expelled by now.

He has improved his behaviour over the last month, but I feel the teachers have had enough and just feel he is old enough to know better. His father has not been around much and they have a love hate relationship (they are very much alike) and his older brother (3yr) has always done well (I don't compare them but his dad does when he loses his temper). We have never been a family to talk about our troubles. I'm trying to change that. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.




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