This really tears my heart out...

I just broke up a party where a bunch of my son's friend were. My son was there as well …all were drinking. My son is a senior in high school an has gotten in trouble before. It seams that I am the one that finds out about the parties were the parents are not home and I am always the one that messes it up for my son's fun. My kid hates me and says that his friends are now afraid to hang out with him now that he has a father that destroys their fun. I just can't let a party go on with drinking and then driving gets in the picture. How do I get my kid to respect what I am doing? He says he will never trust me again and has leaned his lesson that he will never tell me what really is going on because of that. This really tears my heart out. He just got accepted at the college of his choice and resents the fact that I am destroying his senior year.

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