We can barely survive.

Dear Mark,

It is maybe easy enough to say, get my book, and follow instructions, and don't get me wrong, I would have loved to do just that. My problem doesn’t start or stop only at this current situation, unfortunately. I have previously worked for a very nice Company, and my earnings was of such a nature, that I could look after myself and my children quite easily. It was also on those grounds, that the welfare have decided in August 2006, that my children could be placed back with me, now that I was more financially stable. The children were placed back with me on a trail basis for six months, as from 01/12/06. To my surprise when I returned to work 02/01/07, I was retrenched with immediate effect. I was in total shock, for more than a week. I eventually had no other option, but to take the first immediate vacancy that I could find.

I started with a Freight company on 15 Jan 07, and am still here. Unfortunately I have to work for less that half the salary I used to earn, which is R2500-00 per month (before deductions; no benefits). My flat alone costs me between R1900-00 to R2030-00 per month. I have recently placed an ad in the local newspaper, with exactly what I need, and I believe it will manifest soon. So, out of all you can actually see that the financial aspect is a major problem, even worse than only one child giving me problems. I will in future, if financial more stable, definitely get copy of your book, but my current status just doesn’t allow it at all. We can barely survive.




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