We have basically ruined his social world...

We have just moved to a new town and my 14 year old seems to be going off the wall. I acknowledge that we have basically ruined his social world by moving him at such an age but he is now going to a much better school (one which he originally begged to go to!) and if he could just get a hold of himself he will have a much better future here. Trouble is in the 7 weeks in the new school he has been off sick 2 full weeks and the much bigger workload now seems to be getting away from him. He is sick again today but I sent him anyway so he could sort out what was due and when. Also because the reason he is sick is because he won't take his antibiotics and he won't eat any fruit, veges or take vitamins. Also because he threw a desk thing at my chest last Thurs and I'm pretty sure I have a cracked rib. He punched my 12 year old in the back last night and there have been full-on rages for the last several days in response to disciplinary action we have taken in regard to his computer activity (internet currently suspended till he gives up administrator's rights, removes p@#$!*@#$!* and allows install of content filter software). So yes he is very angry and we are angry and very tired and very worried. He says he cannot cope at the new school and we must take him out and 'go home'. I think he can cope if he can just get well and gives it just a little time. God knows he needs the structure they provide. I am looking around now for someone for him to go to see but I don't feel hopeful just sick-worried. He is too good at convincing himself that he is being persecuted and that he is not responsible for anything. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received but thank you for opportunity to post in any case.


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