When he acts out, it is really annoying, hurtful...


It is so nice to know that there is someone, competent and ready to help. I do appreciate. Thanks.

I did some readings from your online teaching. You know, I have never used any form of artificial punishment to my son of 15 years old now. I was his primary caregiver for the first 6 years of his life. Then, two years after a very difficult custody battle, he has been living with me. I am his sole custodian parent since 2002.

My problem with him is four fold: 1> his abusive language when he have some frustration; 2> his school work, which seems better since 2 weeks ago, but still with skipping classes today, 3> his mom that is, according to me, undermining my parenting approaches to my son, and 4> his social life that takes so much of his time.

E______ - This is my son's name. - is very bright. He is kind. However, when he acts out, it is really annoying, hurtful.

I am sorry. I have to go for one of my kids. I will get back to you again.



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