EEG Biofeedback

Is EEG Biofeedback available in Hawaii? Never heard of it but makes total sense.

K___ had symptoms of ADHD from around 3rd grade …he also suffered from facial and upper body tics. He responded well to low dose Ritalin, but had serious side effects. His behavior problems worsened as he got older from occasional hitting other kids to full-blown ODD mostly with parents and siblings, including property damage, hurting animals, lying and stealing.

His relationship is the most pathological with his father who, although he feels close to him, really lacks the knowledge, resources, and ability to effectively guide him. K___ spends most of his time with his father. Many times when he is with me I am overwhelmed with the time and effort it takes to get him to calm down, eat a good diet, be respectful and then think about schoolwork.

It seems that after all the hard work he goes back to his father and everything gets undone again.


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