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I know a lot about neurofeedback and would be glad to
talk to any parents who are interested in adding
neurofeedback to whatever else they're doing.

A friend and I started a hometrainers network here in
the DC area, and we have more than 100 parents doing
neurofeedback at home with their kids on their own.
All have seen results, from miraculous to some
positive changes. Every one of them thinks the effort
has been worthwhile.

I also have trained two kids who have Asperger's
Syndrome. I'm not a medical professional, so I train
them for calming, but the results bleed over into
other areas. They've become more sociable, have lots
of friends for the first times in their lives, are
doing much, much better in school, and are more
compliant at home. Their parents have taken them off
their meds and are huge advocates of neurofeedback.

Other things that are related and that parents can use
at home are the DavidPal (light and sound
entrainment), HEG (hemoencephalography, which
increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn gets
the brain switched on from slow-wave activity to
faster, processing speeds), and pRoshi (light pulses,
which calms brainwave activity). Every one of these
things works and is very easy to use. (The LENS, which
my son is doing right now isn't possible to do at
home, but it is an incredible treatment, and generally
works faster than neurofeedback. So, looking into
LENS, which is also called neurotherapy, is

I must say, though, that a parent who is going to
train a child him-or-herself must have a good
relationship with him or her or it ain't going to


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