I have started a campaign...

Dear Mark,

On these sacred moments-Easter- I deeply wish peace and tranquility for all the people on the earth especially for the people in the United States who called me a "princess", admired my intelligence and granted me many opportunities to actualize my potentialities while there as a student.

On these sacred moments, I also wish that the politicians all over the world, here, there and everywhere become less selfish and let people love each other and enjoy and treasure of the only life they have.

In this respect, I have started a campaign with the scientists, all over the world, especially the ones who are in a field related by any means to children, women and families. The aim of this campaign is to do all we can to bring people together in peace and tranquility and to respect human dignity. A vital move especially during regional turmoil.

Hence, if you like to join, please let me know.

Best Wishes,


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