I'm tired of fighting with him...

I have a sixteen year old son who just in the last couple of weeks decided he was not going to go to school, stay out as late as he wants. He took his car one night and drove it down a dirt road he said about a 100 (I don't know really how fast), had a talk with the cops for having a girl on the hood of his car while he was driving.

He took off one night and his father and I couldn't find him, we called his cell phone and he wouldn't answer then about 2:30 in the morning …he called from the next town to come and get him and it turned out he had been at a party and drinking.

I took his car away for two months and his father shut off his cell phone ‘cause he has not paid the bill yet. He is going back to school but he is not following any of the rules and he doesn't come home until 10:00 at night or so and tells me he is not going to follow the rules unless I give him back his car.

Every night when he gets home it is the same thing …we argue and yell at each other about the car. His father is not much help cause our son will tell his father to shut up and his father will and not say anything so I am left on my own to deal with it all.

I'm tired of fighting with him and I'm afraid he is going to get into big trouble. I don't want to give in to him and give him back his car early, but what else is there to do?


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