Is anything similar to your program in Australia?


I have been searching for some type of help for my teen for a while now. He is 14 and attending Year 10. His grades have fallen dramatically and he has no ambition to study. He wants to finish school at the end of this Year as he said he hates it. He is very rebellious, a chronic liar, steals etc. I have contacted numerous people to try and seek help but unfortunately have gotten nowhere. I happen to come across your website and was wondering if there is anything similar to your program in Australia, in particular Western Australia? If not would it be still beneficial to obtain your book?



Hi L.,

I don't know of any similar program in Australia. There's not another in the U.S. either. But you don't have to attend "in person" ...that was the whole point of putting the whole program online -- so anyone anywhere can get the same material and coaching.

Attend my Parent-Program -- ONLINE.

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