My boyfriend accuses me of picking on his son...

Do you think that I even stand a chance when I really don’t have backup support from my boyfriend when it comes to disciplining his oldest son? We have been together for 9 years, and his two sons have been living with us going on three years now, ages 14 and 13. I also have two sons …one lives with us, age 14, and the other, age 12, lives with his dad going on three years now. And my boyfriend and I share our youngest son, age 7.

His son believes that he doesn’t have to do anything that I tell him to do. He is supposed to wear glasses and it has become a constant battle to try to get him to wear them. I remind him every morning, when his dad is working nights and he is in bed in the morning, but he flat refuses to put them on. His dad will get on to him one day and he will put them on, but his dad does not stay consistent with him.

When my stepson is in trouble for bad grades and he is grounded, his dad feels sorry for him when there is a school dance and he lets him go to the dance because he is worried about his son’s social life. His dad gets on to him for back talking, but he does not realize that when he is not there it is ten times worse, and then my boyfriend accuses me of picking on his son because I do not like him.

Can I try to get my stepson to behave and listen to me, even if his dad is not consistently backing me up?

My Out-of-Control Stepson

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