Parenting Bipolar Teens

I know how all of these parents feel. My oldest son who is now 24 shoplifted and was suspended from school for drugs when he was in high school. At the time he was diagnosed as ADHD. We made him follow through with the consequences. Sent him to drug outpatient. Had him in therapy etc.

When he was 19 he joined the army, which we thought would be good for him with the structure. He got in a unsupervised wrestling match and had is neck broken. Luckily with surgery he is ok, but on all this he went AWOL and stole $15,000 from us. We would not let him come home until he turned himself in and rebuilt our trust.

His diagnose has changed to Bipolar. My 2nd son age 23 ran away from home at age 17 for 3 weeks. I felt like I was going to die. He currently has a very limited relationship with us.

My 15 year old daughter is currently in her 4th hospitalization in 5 months. 1st it was post-traumatic stress and depression from sexual assault, and now they have changed her diagnosis to bipolar.

Yesterday I bought 3 more books on how to parent a bipolar teen. I'm trying the poker face. I'm in therapy also for my depression and we have found a church. I try to have a daily time to read my bible and pray. It helps. Also my job I had for 12 years ended last Nov. due to the company closing. I guess things happen for reasons.

I need the time to heal and be strong for my children. Also my son’s father, my ex-husband was admitted to Hazdeldon for trying to kill himself. He is bipolar and has never stayed him treatment.

Signed R. - I refuse to give up hope, yet I'm so afraid at times it makes you feel helpless.

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