Re: EEG Biofeedback

Hi Mark,

I'm so glad to see that you're aware of eeg feedback.
We used this with Eric four years ago when he was
unstable and had good results.

But it's an optimistic scenario to say that it will
take only 20 sessions. It's more likely to take 40 to
60 session for things like ADD and ADHD. And
neurofeedback works for other conditions as well,
Asperger's, Tourette's, bipolar disorder, anxiety,
depression, fibromyalgia, but these can sometimes take
many, many more sessions.

By the way, it's possible for parents to buy their own
equipment and get trained in how to do this on their
own or with the oversight of a clinician. That's what
I did after 40 sessions with a clinician and seeing
some results but being nowhere near the end. (My son
was actively suicidal, aggressive, not going to
school, etc.) I then trained my son over the course of
7th and 8th grade two to four times a week (as much as
I could get him to do it). In 9th grade, we continued
sporadically. He remained stable through that period
(and went off zoloft, seroquel, and triletpal, leaving
only lithium) and stayed stable till October 2006 when
he flashed into depression again.

He refuses to do neurofeedback with me, so I began
taking him to do LENS, which changes brainwave
activity through teeny, tiny pulses of electricity to
various spots on the brain. He's had a good result
from that, which is still ongoing. Additionally, he's
back on meds, adding lamictal and trilepal back in. I
expect we'll be able to take him off of the trileptal
before the year is out.

Fortunatley, I found a psychiatrist who is up on all
these complementary treatments. So, he's on board.


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