She let me know she was drinking and had sex...

Thank you. I will get the hang of all the on line blogs and my husband and I are going over the first lesson. In fact we practice situations before my daughter gets home. I know my situation is not that much different then others you have heard.

My daughter was adopted at 3-days old. She has always been a quite child and very obedient. She was always in private schools, and then in her 10th grade year, we switched to get her better classes. She was ok, but has always been very unsocial. She is my only child and I have thought I have not tried to spoil her, but looking at the things you are saying I have made her dependent on me.

Anyway, we never thought much of dating, because she knew she would not be able until she was 17 or 18. Well, she started a friendship with a boy at school and he was not a Christian, but we did allow them to go to church and youth group. Well, they started sneaking around and lying. She finally snuck out of the house and that was the line. We didn't let them see each other and then she started telling me how she was going to live with her father. So, as you can see things started getting worse.

Her father is not a known pedophile, but she caught him on the internet, but we could not get anything criminal. So, I did not go to court and now she sees him. Since he has different methods then we do, she was hoping she could sneak out. Well, she did and she stayed out all night. She let me know she was drinking and had sex. This is very strange for a girl who is honor roll student and has always been very obedient.

So, now her dad wants to work with me and sees that there are issues. I will have him also study what you have to say and we will be diligent. I may start bloging and see if there are other parents that could have wisdom for me.

Thank you so much for caring and I will continue to trust the Lord and now start praying for you.


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