Since her birth, mom drank and took some drugs when she was pregnant...

My daughter is doing pretty rebellion type things, but lately I have been doing some research into the idea that maybe she is making poor choices because of something else? Since her birth, mom drank and took some drugs when she was pregnant. I am wondering if this could have anything to do with her antisocial behavior and the way she makes decisions. I have blamed myself for protecting and being a sheltering type mom, but I don't see myself much different then most mothers who love their children.


Drug use is harmful for both mother and child at any time during a pregnancy, but certain drugs are especially damaging at certain stages.

During the first ten weeks of a pregnancy, drugs like alcohol can cause the baby's heart, limbs, and facial features to form incorrectly. After about the tenth week, drugs can damage the eyes and the nervous system.

Drug abuse can stop normal growth and cause the baby to be born too early, too small or both.

Learning difficulties may develop later.

The babies of mothers dependent on narcotics are often born dependent and suffer withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, vomiting and diarrhea, and joint stiffness.

Babies born to mothers who injected drugs also run the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, syphilis or hepatitis.

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